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Sun 10 June 2018

BAW History Group invites you to

Bath Arts Workshop and Counterculture in the 1970s

Free drop in event with film 1200-1600 hours

We are a group of twenty or so individuals who were involved with the Arts Workshop and Comtek in the '70s. We've been meeting regularly for the past year to put together a book and exhibition on the alternative story of Bath in the 70s. We believe that there is a compelling story to tell about that time - an explosion of new and creative ideas about work, environment, social and gender politics and much more, many of which are now part of the mainstream - and we look forward to hearing your views on this, and on that period of our shared history. We want to find the links that will make it relevant to people today, which is why we'd also be delighted to welcome any younger people who might be interested to come along.

Young people's dissenting voices and creative ideas were making themselves heard all over the world through the decade. Here in Bath there was a particularly vibrant fusing of culture and alternative commerce that could be seen in the adventurous, unique festivals, drawing together community, art, theatre, music, print shops and alternative technology across the city in a hugely accessible and exciting way. However not everyone approved, and we were often branded as reprobates and told to 'go and get a proper job - as well as a haircut!' This tension will form another part of this story, set as it was against the background of lessening deference and a changing social order. Despite the detractors, the legacy of the early 70s can be seen in successful local businesses that grew from that time, as well of course as in the ongoing Bath Fringe Festival.

The Natural Theatre Company grew out of the Workshop too and it's great to have access to their archives for this project.
However, over the past year, we've been able to access lots of other great material (stories, photos, cuttings etc) from all sorts of people, which tell the bigger story, and we know there must be many more stories out there in people's memories we could draw on, as well as photos in attics and scrap-books, diary entries etc hence our call for people to come and spend time on 10 June. We will be delighted to meet anyone of any age who is interested in the project.

Venue: The Museum of Bath at Work


Sunday 10th June 2018

Price: Free
Doors open: 12:00  
Start time: 12:00  
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Venue access: Wheelchair users will require assistance

for more information on or to contribute to the BAW History project please email