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Anything you don’t have to pay for. They’re our favourite kind of event too.

Listings for Free Events

Wednesday 23rd May 2018

The Bell

Murder Murder

Six-piece string band with suitcase percussion playing a unique blend of bluegrass and outlaw country with a sublime storytelling sense: every song is a Murder ballad or at least a NorthAmerican Noir worthy of a great movie. Very much a cut above the usual ranch stash. More info and booking...

Friday 25th May 2018

Various venues

Bath Fringe Opening Night

Circomedia walkabouts

On Friday 25th May the Circomedia students burst out of their studios and onto the streets, in a chaotic and frolic filled evening of walkabout performance. Prepare to see the world differently as this talented group of thirty international circus performers roam the streets of Bath in search of an audience. This isn’t your normal Friday night out. More info and booking...

The Mission Theatre - Main Auditorium

Tantalising Tasters at The Mission

The Mission kicks off an exciting fortnight of Fringe frenzy with a theatrical treat - a chance to glimpse ten minute tasters of many of the Mission’s Fringe shows. And then meet the actors, network and relax in the The Mission’s Fringe Hub Bar with a glass of Fringe Fest Fizz! More info and booking...

Green Park Station


Openings Night

featuring The Gin Bowlers

Our Openings Night features a little party in every FAB Art venue, and a bigger one in Green Park Station at 10pm with The Gin Bowlers playing their own angle on that much-abused lady, Swing (they played the Zen Hussies birthday party so they're the tops).
Plus: the milkfloat of music, various excursions from performanmce artistes, and a great selection of this year's top crop of Circomedia specialist performance students, on the streets and coming at you. More info and booking...

Saturday 26th May 2018

Walcot Chapel

Live Live

The internationally renowned ceramics artist Sandy Brown invites people with many skills and none to work with Avon clay. The sculptor Martin Staniforth encourages visitors to make a new piece with found materials. The process artist Aine Kelly creates new work on site. Anais Comer tells a child-friendly story about a stranded whale. And the celebrated choir leader and singer-songwriter, Su Hart, conducts an impromptu workshop to make an improvised and spontaneous choral piece that lifts the spirits of singers and listeners alike. More info and booking...

Sunday 27th May 2018

The Bell

Isembard's Wheel

Great new Brit-folk ensemble with quite another angle on the current resurgence of interest in all things home grown. Isembard is one of those with a very clear vision, the mission to go with it, and something new to bring to the table: a fearless attitude to the tradition and to their own creative place in it. More info and booking...

Monday 28th May 2018

The Bell

The Silken Same

Galway duo Mossy Nolan and Colm McGowan, artfully combine the bygone and the new, drawing on Irish and Balkan influences; songs that on the face of it will seem instantly familiar, but that supplant the traditional with fresh melodic and conceptual ideas. More info and booking...

Tuesday 29th May 2018

The Bell

Benjamin William Pike

An outstanding fingerstyle guitarist, with a voice that slots in beside the hallowed names of the '70s Folk & Beyond crowd, Ben is an artist of a kind you might have feared they didn't make any more. Depths of study and troughhs in life have brought him here, an experience we are all the richer for. More info and booking...

Wednesday 30th May 2018

The Bell

The Lords of Thyme

A new frontier in the unfolding worlds of psych/folk, the LOT blend the intensity, elusiveness and boundary-skipping skills of a Pentangle with the blissed out stonerdom of the West Coast koolaid jug bands. Unafraid of Trad, unafraid to write - there is so much to like! More info and booking...

Thursday 31st May 2018