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Tue 29 May 2018

Brejeiro: the Brazilian musical

Samba and Bossa-Nova are familiar musical styles from Brazil, but years before these emerged it was Choro music and Maxixe dances that rocked the world.
Join Brejeiro and friends, including Movema dancers, to experience this infectious music and its social history from its beginnings in the 1860's to the present day. Come and dance, sing, play and smile with us and catch the Choro bug like we have all done. Brejeiro will transport you to Brazil through the sunshine and sparkle of Choro music. With 12 dancers on stage!

"Their musicianship is jaw dropping, but that takes a back seat to the sheer vibrant melodicism of the music". Charley Dunlap, Electric Ghost magazine

"Brejeiro have taken a musical genre, communicated it with drive and joy, and laced it with moments of humour and technical brilliance" Simon Mayor,

Venue: Chapel Arts Centre


Tuesday 29th May 2018

Price: £10 adv / £12 door
Doors open: 19:30  
Start time: 20:00  
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Venue access: We regret there is no wheelchair access to this venue

Tickets available on the door and from:

  • Bath Box Office (Tel. 01225 463362)
  • Chapel Arts< (Tel. 01225 461700)