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Wed 23 May 2018

Live at St James Wine Vaults

Latino Groove / Alejandra Restrepo Cantora

Latino Groove is a unique fusion of Latin American rhythms and atmospheric sounds with blues, rock, jazz, funk and Irish traditional tunes. Latino Groove will uplift you and take you on a sonic journey with their high-energy performance with atmospheric instrumentals and vibrant Spanish songs to fill the dance floor! The band has just released their debut single, "Dale Gracias", which has been featured on local radio ahead of the launch of their new studio album of the same title. 

Alejandra is set to kick-off the evening with lyrics rooted in the poetry of every day life and a voice influenced by the colours of Latin American crooners. This Colombian songwriter transports her audience to arboreal landscapes, familiar streets and scenes filtered through the literary charm of the every day. If you're searching for a radiant moment in the soundtrack of your life, allow yourself to be rapt by the plots of her songs and her voice.

Venue: St James Wine Vaults: Downstairs


Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Price: £5 on the door
Doors open: 20:00  
Start time: 20:30  
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Venue access: We regret there is no wheelchair access to this venue

Tickets available on the door