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Sun 3 June 2018


The Band at the End Of The World

Arriving in a cloud of raucous brass heavy music, driving their home made, water spurting, flaming and smoking battle contraption.
Existing within their very own miniature apocalyptic microclimate. Once they were ordinary citizens, just like all of you, happy and content with their lot. Until they started to notice the signs, saw the light and formed the Swindon division of the Aurora Storm Brigade.

These idiots are convinced that the inventible end of the world is upon us, maybe today, maybe right here, maybe right now! Their mission? To educate you as to what to expect when we move into the next phase, the switch over into the new dawn and into the next frequency of consciousness. Oh, and to elect a new local area leader.

Venue: Bedlam Fair: Bath Street


Sunday 3rd June 2018

Price: Free
Start time: 14:00  
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Venue access: Full wheelchair access

Price: Free
Start time: 17:00  
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Venue access: Full wheelchair access