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Sat 9 June 2018

Sugar Butties presents

Trolley Girls

By Jessica Forrest and Olivia Nicholson

Trolley Girls is a comedy show produced by Sugar Butties. Two Lancashire-born lasses and best mates Jessica Forrest and Olivia Nicholson. The show has been described as 'deliciously cheeky' (A Younger theatre), 'hilarious and well crafted' (North West end) and 'low-brow and brilliant' (Mumble) with ''sparky dialogue' (Northern Life).

Trolley Girls is a refreshing change from your ordinary comedy sketch show. As opposed to a series of stand alone skits, it delivers a heartwarming narrative with likable characters. and show stopping parodies of power ballads. At the heart of Trolley girls are Jess and Liv, real people and a real reflection of life up north, which make this comedy relatable to anyone who's ever lived in a small town or had nostalgic memories of being young. We both take full reign of the stage show and play multiple characters including our mums, our nightmare boyfriends, bus drivers, supermarket employees and of course our lovely selves. Although, Trolley Girls is a laugh out loud low brow comedy, the heart of the show addresses the pressures of growing up and the need to feel successful. Are we chasing happiness or just chasing our tail? Is there a beauty in standing still and appreciating the small things without striving for something better? You can travel the world and become a career girl but does the man at the local shop know your name? And come on, it is nice having your Mum next door,isn't it?

Trolley Girls has packed out venues at the Edinburgh fringe festival for the last 2 years and was shortlisted for best comedy play at Manchester Fringe festival in 2017. This will be the first time the girls grace Bath with their presence.

Venue: Rondo Theatre


Saturday 9th June 2018

Price: £10
Doors open: 19:45  
Start time: 20:00  
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Venue access: Please call in advance for wheelchair access requirements

Tickets available on the door and from: