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Sun 3 June 2018

Akro Kraks

Boy meets boy or girl? Clown and fool followed by Akro brilliance and a tantalizing striptease for all the family (yes, it is surprising!). Contortion and juggling follow in a bizarre combination of absurdity and audience participation. Everything is rounded off with a breath taking performance of Acrobatic skill leaving the public with their jaw on the floor and their hands clapping.

Two English gentlemen (or are they?) pull surprise out of the hat (and the audience). A half-hour extravaganza of acrobatics, comedy, clown, contortion and juggling. Laugh, cry and gasp!


Sunday 3rd June 2018

Bedlam Fair: Bath Street  

Price: Free
Start time: 12:30  
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Venue access: Full wheelchair access

Bedlam Fair: Kingsmead Square  

Price: Free
Start time: 14:45  
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Venue access: Full wheelchair access