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Walcot Chapel

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Walcot Gate, off Walcot Street Bath, Bath BA1 5UG

Access: Wheelchair users will require assistance

Saturday 26th May 2018

Start time: 11:00
Price: Free

Live Live

The internationally renowned ceramics artist Sandy Brown invites people with many skills and none to work with Avon clay. The sculptor Martin Staniforth encourages visitors to make a new piece with found materials. The process artist Aine Kelly creates new work on site. Anais Comer tells a child-friendly story about a stranded whale. And the celebrated choir leader and singer-songwriter, Su Hart, conducts an impromptu workshop to make an improvised and spontaneous choral piece that lifts the spirits of singers and listeners alike. More info and booking...

Friday 1st June 2018

Start time: 20:00
Price: £5
Doors open: 19:30

Live at Walcot Chapel


Su Hart, the dynamic choir leader and singer-songwriter, joins the composer Sian Croose to lead an adventurous evening of layered women's voices, using interlocking rhythms and harmonies. Their influences are as diverse as Meredith Monk and Baka women's rainforest singing. More info and booking...

Saturday 2nd June 2018

Start time: 19:30
Price: Free

Live at Walcot Chapel

TseTse Fly Middle-East

and Human Rights Watch

The London-based experimental arts platform, with global roots, Tse Tse Fly Middle East presents curated short films and sound performances. All artists are locally-based but from all over the world, performing in support of human rights and freedom of speech More info and booking...

Sunday 3rd June 2018

Start time: 12:00
Price: Free

Live Voices of Timeless Lives

The direct voices of artists from many centuries ago will speak out in this performative recital: they will be temporarily brought back to life by art historian Sara Riccardi, and add their words to the dialogue created in the live exhibition by present-day artists.

Sara will be in Walcot Chapel throughout the day and will facilitate visitors and passers-by wishing to interact with the artists’ voices. 12 noon and 14.00 More info and booking...

Start time: 15:00
Price: Free

Live at Walcot Chapel

Live Conversation

Artists involved with the exhibition and events informally gather together to talk about their featured work, and to put it in its wider context. Anyone who drops by is welcome to join in the conversation. More info and booking...

Friday 8th June 2018

Start time: 20:45
Price: £6
Doors open: 20:30

Taking a Tune for a Walk Part 2

Rock of Eye

Rock of eye are Alex Vann (Spiro, Three Cane Whale) with Ron Phelan and Madame Ceski. The name is a tailoring term signifying to be guided by the eye, to do by feel and intuition rather than by precise methods.
They are an extraordinary improvising folk-based acoustic experience.

This show is the conclusion to 'Taking a Tune for a Walk', which precedes it, and participants on the walk will be admitted before additional tickets are sold (see online in the days before the event). More info and booking...